Salmon Run on Alouette River 2012

Here's a compilation of footage taken over the last week locally in pretty much our backyard, Alouette River. Right now we have a run of salmon coming up the rivers and I thought it would be a great opportunity to test out the underwater footage of my new Contour+ 2 Camera. I also have some out of water footage from the GoPro 2 and a bit from my DSLR that I got separately on a non rainy day.

Originally I had the camera in my hand and as I was very carefully navigating my way around in the water, I would put it in the water to catch the salmon. They are incredibly camera shy though so it was too difficult to do that with the current murkiness of the quickly swelling waters with some fresh rain over the last couple of days. A week ago or so they were just waiting and waiting for the rain with some dying before they could spawn. With fishermen aplenty around here, I'm surprised many made it to this point!

I couldn't help but be awed by the sheer amount of salmon around me, what a beautiful and amazing place to live. Humbling to be a part of to say the least.

If you enjoyed this, please consider donating to a good cause to help research our salmon decline. Our government sure won't get on with it and somebody has to. I have donated multiple times and will continue to do so here. I think it's a good start. More info on why I do that, here.

Third underwater video test, at Mike Lake

Last week I went kayaking in the early morning and got some pics and video at Mike Lake. In my last post about it I mentioned I would post up video, and here it is! Well.. it may not be exciting enough to warrant an exclamation mark, but it's neat either way.

You may notice two fish near the end of the video. I had watched this video a few times but it took the sharp eyes of my 20 month old to say "Fish!" while watching it the other day for me to finally notice. Unbelievable..

Loading the player ...

I really like the little particles of silt or whatever as I'm going through the water. Very neat effect in my geeky opinion. One of the tricks I have learned with this camera is to point the camera in a darker spot so that the exposure is set right before clicking the video button. If not, then it stays at whatever exposure it started at and you can't really see anything.

With that, don't bother trying to take pictures after being underwater.. as can be seen in the first post I put up on the subject.

Why we sail part 5 : Randomly sailing around to get away

Another good reason to have a sailboat is so that you can somehow find time in your day to get out when the tide is right and just sail around randomly to enjoy the weather, fresh air and feel of the ocean.

When I say randomly, there are really only two directions to go in. East or West. Now that will depend of course on the tide. If it's ebbing then we go west. If flooding then we go east, and that's that.

This day it was ebbing about 3 to 4 knots, so west we went:

A very nice clear and calm day. Which had me worried a bit as I wasn't sure if there would be wind to get pushed around with. That said, Burrard Inlet was calm but English Bay wasn't. The wind was coming from the south so Vancouver was blocking it essentially.

A quick pic of the city:

and another looking through Stanley Park:

Lion's Gate Bridge:

Here's Paul, one of the amazing helpers when I was working on the fiberglassing, sanding and painting:

and my usual position when relaxed at the helm:

All in all it was a really nice day and we definitely enjoyed the few hours we were able to get out and enjoy it. The wind was perfect out in English Bay and we managed to race a couple of sailboats (at least we felt we were racing...) and then head back in just in time to catch a bit of the rush hour traffic... bleh..

Head almost finished up on Stargazer

While doing everything else (painting, thru hulls, v-berth etc) I also have been working on the head and new plumbing. Now that the thru hulls are in the same spot as the toilet, it should be a lot easier to open and close the valves as needed. Up until last month or so, I mainly left the valves open because it was just more convenient! Best practice and most common sense would say to close them when not needed. That's going to happen now.

First thing that needed to happen after the bottom structural piece went in (as can be seen here), was to get the finishing piece in to make it look nice. I varnished it up and used contact cement to stick it down:

Then I painted the hull white and increased the size of the hole that goes to the holding tank in the bulkhead:

From there I added in the reflectix, installed the toilet with lag bolts and measured and hooked up most of the plumbing:

It's getting there! I still have to add in a few hose clamps, adjust the holding tank one last time, connect up the plumbing and then the electrical for the pump with a switch and that should be it!

I have a new idea for lighting that I had to order in to West Marine. It has arrived, so now I have to go get it. I'd have to say that I'm pretty excited to see what it's going to look like.

Why we sail part 4 : Picnicing on the boat

While we didn't leave the dock, it was still nice to have a picnic on the boat:

Perfect size for her! I'd do this everyday if I could.. Even better if we were all off in some secluded area to then hop in the dinghy and paddle to shore to then go exploring. Now that would be so much fun. Soon I hope..

Mike Lake, another kayak trip

Another nice early morning trip out to a lake. This one is just before Alouette lake actually in Golden Ears park. You have to take a dirt road to get to it. Very beautiful area though, quiet, serene, fresh air.. really nice start to a day.

Here is a picture of the boggy part of the lake. I can only imagine how many little frogs and bugs live in there:

An overall shot of the lake. Not very big:

Water like glass...

A mirror even!

After getting a couple of video shots with my camera, I wanted to take a picture of the local flowers... turns out that I need to pay attention to if there is water on the lens. First time for me, now I know.

Which was this flower:

Speaking of flowers, here is one blooming on a lily pad? not sure.. really bright though. There were so many different types of plants there.

Next post will be some underwater video shots. I think the camera does better underwater than it does above...

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